Exclusive India Journey
Single Women Traveler

India is very much safe and secure for Single Women Traveler coming from any part of world, only you need to follow some points which shall keep your travel plans hassle free and you shall feel that people care when you require some assistance.

Tips for Single Women Traveler to India:

Dress Modestly: Wearing right type of clothes is very important as too much revealing clothes can catch eye attention of many un-invited people. Suggest to wear loose pants, trousers or any dress covering Private body parts.

Pre Arrange Transportation: Pre Agganged transportation shall have responsibility to take care of you as you must have booed it through some references, hiring and pre arranging transport is good thing for night traveling, going to clubs / partying.

Carry a Phone: Exclusive India Journeys provides their traveler with Local Phone so as to get in touch any time and carrying a phone while travelling alone boosts up your confidence and provide you with sense of security.

Choose Correct Hotels with Locality: Though all Hotels in India comes in Guidance of Tourism Ministry and are watched by official bodies but it is very much Important to check if the locality of hotel is also safe as to walk around in Nights or if you can get taxi / tuk tuk just right from hotel.

Finacial Security: India is very much safe with concern to financial Security only you need to keep a watch, only suggestion is not to flaunt your cash and jewelry.

India is a beautiful place with beautiful people only you need to be vigilant and confident to Experience this magnificent country. Women Travelers are increasing every year and as India has lot to offer from Natural Beauty Treatment, Relaxing Spa, Spiritual Yoga Sessions, Sumptuous Indian food which you can eat as well as learn cultural aspect of India.



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